La société du pestacle

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Fuckin with my sinus

Hopin’ a vaccine fine us

To put this shit behind us

Stuck in mom’s basement all day and all night. 

Thinking on the wisdom that I need to write

Punished for a virus I don’t even carry 

Niggas freaking out and acting all scary

Here’s a little thing about Coronavirus

Little freak of nature just like, Miley Cyrus

Killing couple people not like the Bubonic

The rest either freakin’ or stacking on The Chronic. 

It hit the Big Apple

They hoarding all the Snapple

And Coke and Doritos

You know I really need ‘dos

Corona, Be Gone-a

Leave New York alone-a

Go fuck with Arizona

Or punk ass Californ-a

Bet in the end we all gone be a goner

Cuttin’ my Shorty loose, I guess I betta warn her

Just another bill that a nigga don’t need

Saving all my duckies for shelter feed and weed

The real party starts as soon as its over

Repo can pick up the Benz and the Rover

Can’t get the ice cause it’s almost spent

flossed it in the day, but now it’s my rent

Virus gonna Audi but prolly too late – Got a

Place in line for food they donate



A freak like Miley Cyrus

Hopin’ a vaccine fine us

To put this shit behind us

Idris Jazzist